The advantages of the 1% employer – 1% housing loan

When you are employees of a company of more than 10 people, you see each month on your pay slip the deduction of a contribution “1% employer”. Also called 1% employer (or 1% housing), this contribution gives you the right to two types of advantage freely set by the employer: rentals at preferential rates or loans at the rate of around 1.5% excluding insurance.


Who can benefit from the 1% Employer loan?

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Your work in a company gives you the right to real estate benefits since your employer participates, through contributions, in the financing of housing. Thus, all employees of companies with more than 10 employees can benefit from the advantages linked to the 1% loan. However, the employer must respect the priorities between each of the employees (depending on their wages or their family situation, in particular).


What are the procedures for acquiring accommodation?


First point, you can benefit from several 1% loans for different projects: purchase of housing and land for example. You can also use it to carry out improvement work on your home. Second point to remember, the 1% loan cannot be your main loan. It is an additional loan which will not exceed 20% of the price of the accommodation in the event of property acquisition. This amount is freely set by your company. Third point, the 1% employer loan is a loan that offers particularly advantageous rate conditions that can vary from 0% to 2%. It is therefore an economic loan that you can make over a period of 5 to 20 years.


What about improvement work on my main residence?

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For the improvement of your accommodation, you can consider assistance equivalent to 50% of the final cost price of the work. On the other hand, the loan cannot exceed 9,600 dollars per accommodation for people whose resources are less than or equal to 60% of the ceilings set to benefit from a loan at zero rate. If your resources exceed these ceilings, the amount of the loan may not exceed € 8,000 (By decree of December 28, 2001).


How to get it?

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You must request it from your company or from the organization that received its 1% employer contribution (OCIL, APEC, GIC, GIPEC.). You will be able to make this request to finance your main residence (inhabited for at least eight months a year), but also that of your ascendants or descendants (or ascendants and descendants of your spouse).

Good to know: the 1% loan represents an advantage which is not linked to the employment contract. Clearly, if you leave the company, your current loan remains operational. Do not hesitate to contact your Wirelite Finance advisers to find out how to best use the various advantages of the 1% offered by your company.